Bob Lomanno is a proud Bostonian currently relocated to the Northern Virginia area. He has had careers in business and real estate, but his love for antiques and collecting are his most passionate endeavor. Bob started his antique education on the North Shore of Boston. He has had shops in historic Salem, MA, Clearwater, FL, and currently Manassas, VA. Through his 35 years experience and travel Bob has acquired expertise in a diverse range of items and periods. His eclectic tastes attract him to seek out the unusual.

RG Lomanno Antiques is owned and operated by Bob Lomanno. We carry an eclectic array of furniture, art and decorative accessories. You will find a broad range including period Early American, Victorian, and 20th Century reproductions. We select items in excellent condition and quality for our showroom; items you can move from our shop to your home.